Saturday, May 7, 2011

Never Can Say Good-Bye…

This week I finished up my time as a student teacher at the Shelby Co. Area Technology Center. I want to give special thanks to Mrs. Wiley, the principal; Mrs. Hundley, my supervising teacher; as well as the students, faculty, and staff. They have all played a part in making this experience one that I will never forget.

Because of all the whispering, looks, and giggles from the students I had a thought that something was in the works for my last day. Not to mention a little slip-up from a sub that I overlooked in hopes to not ruin anything that was being planned. I was content with the Krispy Kreme donuts and other sweets from the beginning of the week. However, I was not prepared for the wonderful breakfast that was waiting when I arrived on my last day. I was honored that everyone broke away from their usual morning routines of getting the class ready for students in order to share the time with me. The assistant principal said grace over the breakfast and then gave a few words of blessing and inspiration for my future as a teacher. Then we all took a few minutes to sit down together, eat, and have a few laughs before students arrived. I will cherish that time because I know that it is rare.

Everything was sooo good!!!

Each class created their own version of a “certificate” and they all signed it. Then, before class was over, they took a group picture for me. As the day went on, individuals would stop by to say good-bye, give me a hug, and give me last minute advice or words of encouragement. I wish I had a voice recorder with me because some of it was so well said! Not the usual cliché statements but things that were actually meant for me. As I prepared for student teaching at the end of 2010 I had considered other schools; however, in many ways it has been confirmed that Area Tech was where I was supposed to be.

Some of the students strike a pose!!!

A few of the gifts and cards.
Even the KY Chapter of FBLA sent something!

When the last period rolled around, I experienced a wide range of emotions. Tic. Toc. 3:05. 3:10. 3:15. Finally…… the bell rang 3:20; signifying not only the end to the day but also of my student teaching. My supervising teacher looked over at me. “I’m not going to say good-bye because I’ll just cry,” she said. We hugged. I pushed in the chairs of the students that had hurried out to catch the bus. I turned out the lights to the classroom. I stood there, for the last time, with my supervising teacher as she locked the door. We walked down the hall together and reached the point where she turned to her car and I kept walking down the hall to get to mine. I couldn’t help but think of those dramatic and metaphoric scenes in movies. The master and student begin together on a long journey, and then eventually the student has to continue alone. I had spent these past several weeks learning from a master. Finally, the time has come for me, the student, to walk alone applying the skills that I had learned. Hmmm…sounds like a cinematic blockbuster. I’d go see it!

Shelby Co. Area Tech, I have had a wonderful time. I’ve learned. I’ve laughed. I’ve reflected. I’ve grown. In keeping with what my supervising teacher said, “I’m not going to say good-bye.” She had a saying that I like even better. So let’s just say, “I’ll see you again. If the Lord is willing and the creek don’t rise!”

Shelby Co. Area Technology Center


  1. Shon, this is beautifully written, and I will be sure to go back through and read the rest of your work later - I am sure there is great stuff here that I would love to use in a book I want to write some day (with your permission)! I will follow your blog from now on,throughout your LOOOOONNNNGGG teaching career. Best of luck, and may God RICHLY bless you!!

  2. I told you before how wonderful I felt about your blog. This just confirms that even more. I literally cried. You have such great gifts. I know you are going to do great things. I am so blessed to have worked with you. I fill follow along and take joy in your great works!